Our Team



Project Director: Josh Glahn

Josh attended the Hebrew High School of New England, spent a gap-year studying in an Israeli Yeshiva, and is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Biology and American Literature. He is an active member of Penn’s Orthodox community, and fills various leadership positions across campus. Josh handles all confidential information and day-to-day operations.



JQY Representative: Justin Spiro, LCSW

Justin acts as the Secretary and Long Island Teen Group Facilitator for JQYouth, as well as working as a Clinical Social Worker at Astor Services for Family and Children. Justin received his Masters in Social Work from New York University, with a strong focus on clinical work with adolescents and older teenagers.

YIP is made possible by the support of JQYouth (JQY). JQY creates support, crisis, and educational resources on behalf of LGBT youth and their families in the Orthodox Jewish community. For more information, please visit www.jqyouth.org.